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Year 1903

The beginnings

The traditions of ORGANIKA reach as far as the year 1903 when two friends established a chemical manufacture in the city of Lodz, at the Ciasna street.  No one then could have guessed that one hundred years later this would be the biggest group of companies in the automotive chemistry industry in Poland.  Over the years the profile of its production had underwent many changes according to the needs of a developing economy; at first for the tanning and the textile industry, then for the automotive, construction, and sugar industries and sewage treatment plants…

Year 1960

Production for the automotive industry

The production for the automotive industry that started in the 60s at first included hydraulic fluids (DA-1) and brake fluids (such as R-3/205, still produced today) which began the dynamic development of the Polish automotive chemistry.

Year 1970

Developing the offer for the passenger car owners

The introduction of windshield washer fluids (ADIXOL) and car cosmetics. The following years brought new items to the list of car cosmetics. The chemicals proved to be particularly appreciated by drivers were DETERSIL – an agent dedicated for cleaning engines and UNIZOL – the first multifunctional lubricating and preserving agent in Poland.

Year 1990

The first cooling system fluids under the GLIXOL brand

In the beginning of the 90s, ORGANIKA successfully introduced to the market its own cooling system fluids under the GLIXOL brand.  Currently, the brake fluids offer has been complemented by the most modern DOT 5.1, which is recommended for vehicles equipped with electronic control system, such as ABS, ASR, and ESP, and the group of cooling system fluids has been complemented by the top-class cooling system fluid, GLYSANTIN, under the license of the BASF company.

Year 2000

The beginning of XXI century

ORGANIKA has entered the XXI century with modern production lines for aerosols, for packaging of liquids and oils and for producing polyethylene packages.  The production has been conducted in accordance with the world class standards, which is confirmed by the latest quality certificates ISO 9001:2000.

Year 2015


Our company continues to expand its offer by introducing new products to the market.  The top-quality Organika products which are manufactured on the basis of domestic and foreign materials, imported, among others, from:  ICSO CHEMICAL PRODUCTION, ROKITA, BP, CONDEA, CLARIANT, BASF, SHELL, WITCO, have been appreciated by famous domestic and foreign corporations, such as: SHELL, MOBIL, STATOIL Lubricants, Lotos, PKN Orlen, Texaco, Valeo, as well as supermarkets, such as, among others: Biedronka, Geant, Tesco, Castorama, Carrefour, with which we are bound by cooperation agreements.