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Meet the ORGANIKA Capital Group

Meet the ORGANIKA Capital Group

The history of the ORGANIKA Capital Group constitutes a ready script for an interesting movie. In the year 1903, the two friends open the first chemical workshop in Lodz. The factory located at Ciasna Street has survived two world wars, and owns the name to the reigning political climate after the war. In the mid-50s of the twentieth century, the first Polish brake fluid is manufactured in Lodz. Today, packages of R-3 from the beginning of the 60’s can be found on the popular auction site, in the category entitled “Souvenirs from the PPR”. The year 1993 brings the privatization of the Zaklady Chemiczne in Lodz. The ORGANIKA enters the twenty-first century as a strong capital group that can successfully compete with the world leaders in the chemical industry.

The Zaklady Chemiczne ORGANIKA Joint-Stock Company, the ORGANIKA-CAR Joint-Stock Company and the OIL-TECH Limited Liability Company are the three entities responsible for the manufacture of high quality chemical products. We offer solutions for automotive, industry, household chemicals and many others. We try to improve our product portfolio, keeping pace with the changing economic conditions.

Brake fluids, radiator fluids, car cosmetics, engine oils, professional solutions for carwashes, workshops and many others, as well as household chemicals, industrial chemicals, chemical products for home and garden, dozens of projects branded by our customers, always the highest quality at an affordable price, own R & D laboratories and packaging production lines – we present the company that creates the history of Polish automotive industry, the company that has one of the most complementary offers of chemicals on the market, we introduce the ORGANIKA Lodz.


Famed Łódź S.A.

New technologies in a good light
Famed is a manufacturer of the professional medical equipment. Traditions of the company date back to the 30s of the twentieth century, when under the name of Elektrosan it supplied hospitals in Lodz in medical equipment. Today, the Famed thinks and acts globally.
Operating lamps, surgical lamps, diagnostic lamps, bactericidal lamps, shadow boxes, high standards, rich experience, advanced technologies – we introduce the Famed.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the company offer available at:

Schaumaplast-Organika Sp. z o.o.

Extremely light solutions
Schaumaplast-Organika is a result of cooperation between the German Schaumaplast GmbH & Co. and the Lodz Organika. The company is growing continually since the year 1999. Today, it is the leading manufacturer of packages and foamed moldings in Poland.
Foamed moldings, trims, moldings and protective corners, packages and boxes, individual approach to customer needs, expert technical and research advice, highest standards – we introduce the Schaumaplast-Organika.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the company offer available at:



Ortech Sp. z o.o.

Ortech Limited Liability Company was selected in 1999 from the Zaklady Chemiczne ORGANIKA Joint-Stock Company. The Ortech deals with the maintenance in ORGANIKA factories and other manufacturing companies.

Services in the field of technical maintenance of buildings, installations and relocations of machinery and production lines, welding constructions and powder coating, high labor standards, experienced staff and flexible approach to customers – we introduce the Ortech.