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Home and garden preparations

Washing preparations

TAPICAR – active foam for upholstery, cars carpets and mats washes – remowes stains

Available capacity:

750 ml

TAPICAR Organika


A universal product for cleaning upholstery, car rugs, and car headliners made of textile materials. It effectively removes all spots and leaves a fresh scent. It may also be used to remove dirt from other textile products in the household, such as furniture upholstery or rugs and carpets. It deeply penetrates the textile fibers, effectively removing dirt and dust. It restores the original colors of the fabric. It contains a special polymer which provides protection against dirt.

It contains an antistatic agent which protects the surface against the build-up of dust.

Other products in this category

Hand washing paste 500g

A hand washing paste that effectively removes oils, grease, petroleum, soot, and dirt that is difficult to wash with soap. It contains washing ingredients that are gentle to the skin and a delicate fine abrasive material. After use, it leaves a pleasant and fresh scent.

Ideal for garages and mechanical workshops

CleenAir Fresh 300ml

The type of foam used in the product, expanding right after introducing it into the system, helps the agent reach everywhere. A probe with a spray nozzle, providing an easier and more effective application, is included with this product. Protection of the inner surfaces with nanoparticles of silver and copper reduces the formation of harmful microorganisms and of an unpleasant smell (a strong antimicrobial effect). The use of a technology that is complaint with the latest scientific achievements makes it easy to keep the car installations clean. A complex cleaning of air-conditioner is recommended at least once a year.