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Household chemicals

Criss floor cleaners

Criss Multi

Available capacity:

Unit package, volume bottle HDPE, 1L jerrycan HDPE, 5L
shrink-wrap pack – number of pieces in the shrink-wrap pack shrink-wrap pack – 15 pc. shrink-wrap pack– 3 pc.
Number of unit packages / multipacks on a pallet (1200 x 800) 540 pc./ 36 carton 108 pc./ 36 carton


criss multi


A concentrated product with a pleasant citrus scent; it removes all types of dirt.  It is an excellent agent for washing floors, parquetry, tiles, ceramic tiles and PCV.  It can be easily rinsed from the cleaned surfaces with water.  It refreshes and leaves a pleasant scent.


For daily cleaning apply dilutions of 1:200 to 1:100, depending on the type and degree of soiling. Use 2 caps of the agent for half a bucket (approx. 5 liters) of warm water. Spread the solution, using a mop or a cloth. For such application it is not required to rinse the agent with water.

In the case of very heavily soiled and greasy surfaces, use a mop or atomizer to apply the agent diluted with water in a ratio of 1:5 to 1:10, then wipe it with a washer (a mop) with water. If necessary, use an appropriate brush.

Other products in this category

CRISS nano all-purpose floor cleaner Tangerine Flower

A modern product with a pleasant and lasting fragrance, wide application in the removal of all kinds of dirt. Perfect for cleaning floors, wall and floor tiles, ceramic and PVC surfaces. Colloidal silver nanoparticles restrict the growth of harmful microorganisms. The product cleans and refreshes surfaces, leaving a pleasant scent.

Directions for use:
Pour 2 caps of liquid into half a bucket (about 5 litres) of warm water. Spread the solution with a mop or cloth. With such use, the product does not require rinsing with water. For heavy soiled, greasy surfaces, use neat product, rinse the surface after cleaning.

Unit packaging, capacity: PP bottle with handle, 1L
Bulk packaging – number of units in the packaging: carton – 12 units
The number of unit / bulk packaging on a pallet (1200 x 800): 600 units/50

Criss Mega Plus

This is a concentrated product designed for washing floors, parquetry, stone flooring, gres tiles, glazed tiles, terracotta tiles, ceramic surfaces, and PCV.  This is a low-foaming agent, and it is especially recommended for mechanical cleaning (with cleaning machines) of large surfaces in supermarkets, on train stations, in airports, on sports halls, in warehouses, in manufactures.  It leaves a pleasant scent.