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Household chemicals

Criss fluids for fireplaces and bio fireplaces

Criss fireplace glass cleaner


Attention:  Use the product on cold surfaces with extinguished hearth.  Do not apply on chromed and aluminum parts.

Available capacity:

Unit package, volume

bottle PET, 750 ml

multipack – number of pieces in a multipack

carton – 12 pcs.

Number of unit packages / multipacks on a pallet (1200 x 800)

528 pcs./ 44 cartons,


Criss plyn do mycia szyb kominkowych


This product effectively removes dirt, residue, traces of smoke and soot from fireplace glass, fireplaces and ovens.  It leaves a clean, scented, streak and stain-free surface.  The silicon nanoparticles used in the formula delay the resettlement of dirt.  A carefully selected spraying pump allows applying the product either in the form of a foam or a fluid.


Spray the surface from approx. 20 cm distance and spread the product.  Wait a few minutes and then wipe the surface with a moist cloth or rinse it with water.  Repeat this step, if needed.

Other products in this category

Criss bio fireplace fuel

Environment friendly agent used in all types of bio fireplaces.  Thanks to complete combustion, it does not produce any by-products, such as: soot, ash or smoke.  During the combustion process, the fluid does not produce any substances that are harmful to the environment.  For a proper functioning, it needs a possibly constant supply of air.  The combustion products are the following:  water vapor and carbon dioxide in amounts harmless to the fluid user.